Nar-Anon Family Groups warmly welcomes newcomers who are seeking support and guidance while navigating the challenges of loving someone with addiction. The meetings provided by Nar-Anon aim to offer comfort, understanding and assistance during this difficult time.

It is recommended newcomers attend a minimum of six meetings. These gatherings provide an opportunity to hear personal stories from fellow members that are likely to resonate with your own experiences. While exploring the program, individuals will discover that they are not alone and that Nar-Anon offers various tools to aid in their journey. It is important to note that not everything heard or read will directly apply to your specific situation. Nar-Anon encourages participants to take what resonates with them and leave behind what doesn't. The organisation embraces and respects diverse perspectives, allowing individuals to tailor the program to their own needs and progress at their own pace.

In Nar-Anon meetings, you will find understanding peers who have faced similar challenges with their loved ones' addiction. Nar-Anon emphasises the power of shared experience, strength and hope. Newcomers may initially believe their purpose is to stop the addict from using drugs, but they will gradually understand that Nar-Anon is primarily for their own healing and recovery. Family members are not responsible for causing the addiction, nor can they control or cure the addict.

Nar-Anon community

Within the Nar-Anon community, you will encounter a supportive environment built on love, understanding and unwavering hope. Members have experienced or are currently experiencing similar emotions of hurt, anger and anxiety. By sharing stories, the focus is on personal growth and recovery. Throughout the journey, participants will become acquainted with various tools such as slogans, steps, traditions, literature and sharing.

Nar-Anon provides a safe space where individuals can freely express themselves. If someone is more comfortable starting by listening, that is perfectly acceptable. There are no obligations or requirements in Nar-Anon, and everyone determines their level of involvement.